Our History

  • 2023年

    Startup of Dia Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.

    Acquired shares of ACE Sisui Kogyo Co.,Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.

    Establishment of the Akita Next-Generation Energy Consortium


    Opened "shibusawa hat," a project to improve the attractiveness of Asukayama Park, Kita-ku, Tokyo

  • 2022年

    Uchiko Ryuoh Biomass Power Plant Starts Operation

    Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement concluded (Mikasa City, Hokkaido; Yusuhara Town, Kochi Prefecture)

  • 2021年
    Management integration through establishment of a joint holding company (share transfer) by Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and DIA Consultants Company Limited
2021 on wards Innovation and leaping


Established Seiryu Power Energy Co., Ltd., which conducts hydrogen infrastructure business and contributes to regional revitalization, and started development of the energy field.
Established the Research Institute for Infrastructural Engineering, and officially started development of the business area through innovation.
Established the subsidiary, Nippon Engineering Techno Co., Ltd., as the foundation for business transformation.
  • 2006~2020 Development
    and maturity
Newly registered with the category of Port, Harbor & Airport Engineering, and expanded the business area into the port and harbor field.
Received the 1st Design Award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for “Kishamichi Promenade” and “Shiga Route - Creating a road that coexists with nature.” Also started to increase patents acquired with original technologies and received an evaluation as “Nippon Engineering Consultants, skilled in technology and design.”
Was listed on the 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Promoted establishment of the management structure by introducing IT to the management system and acquiring ISO9001 and ISO14001.
Gave the airborne electromagnetic survey field a try (which is ongoing), and expanded the business into Vietnam
  • 1991~2005 Growth
Received the Tanaka Award (Excellence in Bridge Design and Construction) from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for the first time for “Omishima Bridge,” which is the first Honshu-Shikoku connecting bridge. Received the Awards for “Tsukiyono Bridge,” “Katsushika Harp Bridge” and others and built the foundation for “Nippon Engineering Consultants, skilled in technology.”
Increased the consultant registration categories, and expanded the business into Sendai and Fukuoka. Set up overseas divisions, and expanded the business area.
Late 1960s
Set up the research and development division, and developed a design and analysis program. Pioneered the utilization of such program in design practice.
1963 Establishment
Made “Sincerity, Technology and Reliability” its motto. Registered as a civil engineering consultant with 5 categories in the next year. Opened branch offices in Osaka, Toyama and Nagoya.
  • 2006~2020 Development
    and maturity
  • 1991~2005 Growth
  • 1963~1990 Establishment
    and foundations


Was engaged in the disaster recovery work from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, the 2018 Japan floods, and the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake.
Entered into the survey business for development of a natural gas pipeline.
Made a full-scale entry into a social infrastructure maintenance business.
Entered into the seismic assessment business for a nuclear power plant.
Was designated as Designated Investigation Institution, based on the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
Early 2000s
Entered into the survey business for deep underground structure and the survey business for earthquake damage estimation.
Participated in a lot of active fault survey work in various parts of Japan.
Entered into the survey business for the national oil gas stockpiling base.
Entered into the volcanic sediment and erosion control business and the survey business for an underground pumped-storage power plant.
Late 1980s
Entered into the survey business for Tokyo International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway, etc.
Entered into the Japan-China joint exploration business and the survey business for the national underground oil stockpiling base.
Registered as a geological surveyor.
Entered into the survey business for a Honshu-Shikoku connecting bridge and a large power plant.
Entered into the survey business for Sanyo Shinkansen Line.
1963 Establishment
Participated in the survey work by Japan National Railways, public highway corporations and the Ministry of Construction, and registered as civil engineering and construction business. Registered as a civil engineering consultant and a surveyor in the next year.
  • 1963~1990 Establishment
    and foundations