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代表取締役社長執行役員 新井 伸博 代表取締役副社長執行役員 野口 泰彦
Representative Director and President新井 伸博
Representative Director and Vice President野口 泰彦

Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and Dia Consultants Co., Ltd. have established a joint holding company, DN Holdings Co., Ltd., in anticipation of the merger in 2023.

Nippon Engineering Consultants, which has strengths in planning and designing structures centered on bridges, and Dia Consultants, which has strengths in geological and ground surveys and analysis, are to be merged to form a comprehensive construction consultant that can handle everything from surveys and analysis to design and maintenance. Based on mutual utilization of management resources and swift and agile decision-making, in addition to the growth of each business, we will expand the business domain and customer base and aim to improve productivity.

Specifically, we will promote management keeping in mind the following goals to be realized.

Strengthening growth potential by expanding the scale of the company
We aim to further expand our business domain and profits by mutually utilizing management resources such as human resources, technology, and information owned by both companies, and by mutually complementing and utilizing the businesses of both companies. In addition, through this business integration, we aim to build a solid management base by achieving stable orders, reducing overhead costs, and improving operational efficiency.

Expansion of orders by improving business execution ability
We will promote one-stop operation and efficiency improvement from survey to design and maintenance by fusing the fields that both companies are good at, and we aim to increase orders by improving business execution capabilities in the field of national land conservation, such as strengthening responsiveness in the event of a natural disaster, social contribution, etc.

Improving the possibility of entering new businesses
By combining the expertise and technologies of both companies, we aim to enter and expand new businesses, and to develop new markets in energy and environment-related fields.

We would like to express our gratitude once again for the kindness we have received from our shareholders. We also look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

Representative Director and President Nobuhiro Arai
Representative Director and Vice President Yasuhiko Noguchi