Brand Vision

Our Symbol

  • DN Holdings
  • Toward a society where humans and nature smile

  • This is a logo symbolizing the society at which we aim.

    A society where humans and nature (the sky, earth and sea) are in harmony is represented by green, blue and a white line between the two colors.
    The white semicircles at the top and bottom of the logo express space representing “the present” and space representing “the future to be built.”
    The white line connecting the present and the future denotes human bonds, which expresses an attitude toward creation of the future in which humans, society and nature smile together by evolving technology, discovering problems, and bridging local cultures passed down to the future.

  • This is a declaration in which our corporate philosophy is put into a single phrase.
    By using it in combination with our logo, it functions as a key message to make our message easier to convey.
    We put into this message our determination:
    1) to be exposed to not only the earth but also local traditional cultures and people’s values, explore their new potentials, and pursue optimum solutions for humans and nature to be in harmony sincerely and patiently in order to build the future, and
    2) to return the developed potentials to society by making full use of wisdom and cutting-edge technologies, and realize a society where both humans and nature can smile by building social infrastructure that makes coexistence between humans and nature possible.

Our Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Develop the potential of the earth, space, humans and society to build the future

The earth denotes environmental bases intrinsic to the Earth, such as the globe, ground, landforms and water cycle including rivers, groundwater and seas/oceans, and space denotes structures (infrastructure) built by working on the earth, such as river embankment, dams, roads, tunnels and bridges.

Humans denote individuals’ activities that create and utilize space, and society denotes general life including law, policy, planning, vision, projects, economy, communities and politics, which are necessary wisdom for humans to gather to seek and create a better way of life.

The earth and space denote those which can be physically perceived, and humans and society denote those which are perceived by taking psychological elements into account.
We face both tangible and intangible sides that support life, and put our wish to find out their potential or prospects into the phrase “develop the potentials.”

While cultivating a corporate culture including a good view, patience and sincerity important for developing the above-mentioned potential or prospects, we would like to discover problems in returning the developed potentials to society, seek solutions to the problems and implement the solutions in society.
We believe that those will function as a guide for civil engineering consultants that build the future, and can not only contribute to SDGs (whose target year is 2030) but also connect to a further future.


Contribute to society by learning lessons from site fields, people and failures

This represents values to be shared by our staff and focuses on continuing to learn.
We faithfully put into the values an attitude that never forgets to earnestly learn lessons from each of 1) fields for practice, representing the earth, space, humans and society, 2) people, representing teachers, seniors, juniors, rivals/competitors, books, etc., and 3) failures to overcome for growth.

In particular, failures result from taking on challenges by using devices or ingenuity, and the message “Overcome the challenges” is put into the wording "learning lessons from failures".
The purpose of continuing to learn is to “develop the potentials to build the future,” which is our corporate philosophy, and we put our intention not to forget it into the phrase “contribute to society.”


Be a business group trusted by and essential to society

“Essential” means one and only or irreplaceable.
We suppose that the image of civil engineering consultants our clients and society seek is not homogeneous but diverse.
This vision is a declaration expressing our determination to contribute to our clients and society by demonstrating our own strength in specific fields or specific technologies, to meet expectations to be evaluated as an “essential company,” and furthermore to exceed the expectations.

Code of Conduct

Corporate code of conduct

1. We will give first priority to human rights and safety, and create a vibrant work environment for all staff

  • ・We will make continuous improvements aiming to eliminate work accidents and traffic accidents, and conduct corporate activities that give first priority to safety.
  • ・We will protect the human rights of our staff, and strive to create a work environment that respects diversity, personality and individuality.
  • ・We will protect the mental and and physical health of our staff, and strive to create a vibrant work environment.

2. We will comply with laws and regulations, follow socially accepted practices, and be a company trusted by society

  • ・We will not only comply with related laws and regulations but also behave sincerely in good conscience so that we will not undermine the public interest.
  • ・We will process accounts in conformity with related laws and regulations, accounting standards and in-house rules, and secure the reliability of financial reporting.
  • ・We won’t give presents to public officials, entertain them or provide them with benefits in violation of the law or beyond normal social conventions.
  • ・We will strive to protect and manage corporate assets, intellectual properties, confidential information and personal information, and properly handle a third party’s assets, properties and information.
  • ・We won’t forgive or carry out insider trading, which is share trading using information acquired in the course of business.

3. We will always study technologies as a civil engineering consultant that meets clients’ and society’s expectations

  • ・We will improve our technological skills, and strive to improve ourselves in order to respond to the sophistication and diversification of required services.
  • ・We will compete and conduct transactions in a fair, transparent, free and proper manner.

4. We will ensure communication with a good heart, and behave as a good corporate citizen sought by communities

  • ・We will protect the human rights and safety of clients, partner companies, local people and shareholders, and ensure communication with a good heart.
  • ・We will address social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
  • ・We will disclose relevant corporate information in a timely and fair manner to clients, partner companies, local people and shareholders.
  • ・We will consistently and resolutely confront antisocial forces/groups that threaten the order or security of civil society.

5. We will strive to conserve the environment under our corporate philosophy, and contribute to realization of a sustainable society

  • ・We will contribute to realization of our corporate philosophy “Develop the potentials of the earth, space, humans and society to build the future” as a civil engineering consultant.
  • ・We will make efforts to conserve the environment through business activities.
  • ・We will contribute to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are advocated by the United Nations, and make efforts to realize a sustainable society through business activities.