Message from the President and the Vice President

President & Representative Director Nobuhiro Arai, Vice-President & Representative Director Yasuhiko Noguchi
President & Representative DirectorNobuhiro Arai
Vice-President & Representative DirectorYasuhiko Noguchi

Be a business group trusted by and
essential to society

Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. and DIA Consultants Company Limited have established the joint holding company, DN Holdings Co., Ltd., in anticipation of the merger in 2023.

For sustainable corporate development, it is essential to expand business areas, and even in the existing business areas, a change in roles and diversification of needs are being accelerated.

We are confident that we will grow into a civil engineering consultant group representative of Japan to evolve into a corporate group that can compete on the global stage, by binding the corporate DNA of Nippon Engineering Consultants, which is skilled in planning and design of structures centering on bridges, and DIA Consultants, which is skilled in geological/geotechnical survey and analysis, and promoting creation and reformation through synergies, or chemistry, in various fields to design and realize business that can offer new values to our clients and society.

As a professional group of general civil engineering consultants that can perform survey, design and maintenance with the corporate philosophy “Develop the potential of the earth, space, humans and society to build the future,” the DN Holdings Group will deal with more frequent and serious natural disasters, more serious global environment problems and aging existing social infrastructure, and provide advanced technology services such as digital transformation (DX) for disaster prevention/mitigation and promotion of zero carbon.

We aim to be a corporate group indispensable to the future by responding to changes in the social environment while gaining the trust of our clients, local residents and communities.

We would like to express our gratitude for your past kindness and we hope to receive your continued support patronage in the future.

You can always count on us.

President & Representative DirectorNobuhiro Arai
Vice-President & Representative DirectorYasuhiko Noguchi